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Alberta Soccer Sport Accident Claim Forms


Lightning and severe weather Policy

Canada Soccer Lightning Policy

When you see lightning or hear thunder, seek proper shelter.  Wait 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning to resume activities.  This is also known as the 30/30 rule.  Blue sky and absence of rain are not protection from lightning.  Lightning can strike as far as 10 miles away from the storm.  Safety must come first.  Prompt and aggressive CPR has been highly affective for the survival of victims of lightning strikes.

Should a game be stopped for any reason (due to weather conditions, referees decision, emergencies, etc) it will be considered a complete match if 2/3rds (66%) of the time elapsed.

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During extreme air quality conditions, such as forest fire smoke, communities and officials should do their best to ensure the safety of their members and visitors. It is not just children and seniors - even healthy athletes are at risk from air pollution, especially during exercise.

Government of Alberta Air Quality Index:

Government of Alberta Air Quality Map:

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Absolutely no casts will be allowed (hard or soft) regardless of padding or materials.  Leg braces (knee, ankle, etc) will be permitted as long as they are properly wrapped or hidden and are made aware to the referee.

We aim to protect players while they are healing. These are young bodies.



If an open wound or bleeding is present, the participant must leave the field of play.  Only when the bleeding has stopped, is properly covered, and cleaned will the participant be allowed to continue.  All clothing soiled with blood should be replaced prior to the athletes return.


Insulin Pump Policy

As per Canada Soccer



Cycling/Compression clothing DOES NOT need to be of the same color as the players shorts or jersey.

NOTE: this is only specific to Northwest Central Soccer Association rules, and that teams should be prepared for Tournaments and Provincials, that visible undergarments need to be of the same color as the players shorts/jersey.



Steel cleats are prohibited in NWC play, as of April, 2018.



Jewellery and Non-compulsory Equipment:  Extracts from FIFA Rule Four: 
All items of clothing or equipment other than the basic equipment must be inspected by the referee and determined not to be dangerous.  Modern protective equipment such as headgear, facemasks and knee and arm protectors made of soft, lightweight padded material are not considered dangerous and are therefore permitted.

If an item of clothing or equipment that has been inspected at the start of the match and determined not to be dangerous becomes dangerous or is used in a dangerous manner during the match, its use must no longer be allowed.

Sports-type Hijabs will be permitted as long as they adhere to the above guidelines.

Team Uniforms:  When the color of competing teams are similar, the home team (as determined by the schedule) shall use alternate colors.  Pinnies are accepted, but must be numbered.  All jerseys must be clearly numbered and correspond to the number listed with the player on the game sheet.

Goalkeepers shall wear colors which distinguish them from all other players.