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The Home Team on the schedule, for each NWCSA league game, collects the original copy of each team’s Game Sheets, from the referee, after the game.  (The away team receives the yellow copies)

The results (including any cards) are to be submitted (either verbally, electronically, or hard copy) to the NWSCA League Scheduler only, and within 48 hours after the game.       

All traveling team coaches must have an ASA Youth Provincial Championships Rulebook and a NWCSA Handbook.


NCCP Guide and Resources


Alberta Soccer Referee Programs

Canada Soccer Referee Resources

Referees are to collect complete game sheets prior to the start of the game.  Referees are to check off all players and staff on the Game Sheet as they verify their NWC Cards match.  Only official NWCSA Game Sheets will be accepted.  Referees are to complete their portion of the Game Sheets after the game.  The original copy of each team’s Game Sheet goes to the Home Team coach, and the Away Team coach receives the yellow copy of each team’s Game Sheet.

During Soccerfest, the Referees are to take completed Game Sheets directly to the Field Marshall.

Players and personnel must arrive at the field before the start of the second half in order to be allowed in that game.  Any players or personnel arriving after halftime will not be allowed to play, nor allowed on the bench.

Spectators and fans should be on the opposite side of the players benches, when possible.


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